UPDATE: August 15, 2023
At the 2023 Summer Institute, the membership unanimously voted to change the constitution of the Massachusetts School Administrators’ Association. Specifically, the Board of Directors is going to be elected from nine regions from around the state. This change is to ensure geographic representation as well as school-level representation. The first Board of Directors meeting will be held following the elections this Fall and is anticipated to be held in October. At this meeting, committees will be discussed. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Retired Administrators' Committee

Shall sponsor activities for retired members; support active Association members through “mentoring”; support Association efforts to recruit future secondary school administrators; support efforts and goals of the Board of Directors and other standing committees; promote Active, Associate and Retired membership; represent MSAA at legislative hearings; serve as members of the legislative network; represent MSAA with other educational associations as requested by the Board of Directors.

Chair: Paul Daigle
Liaison: Mike Connelly, PhD., MSAA Assistant Director

Committee Members

Mr. Paul Alperen
Mr. Curtis Bates
Mr. Dana Brown
Ms. Pat Clem
Mr. Paul Daigle
Mr. Robert Desaulniers
Mr. Charles Flahive
Ms. Susan Fontecchio
Ms. Gail A. Gernat
Ms. Pamela Hunter
Mr. Bruce Hutchins
Mr. Patrick Jackman
Mr. Ed Kaufman
Mr. George Kelly Jr.
Ms. Judith Kelly
Ms. Gayle Logan
Mr. Larry Murphy
Mr. Les Murray
Mr. William Nunnally
Ms. Maureen Porter
Mr. James Ridley
Mr. Juan Rodriguez
Mr. Rick Rogers
Mr. Stephen Sangster
Ms. Joan Scribner
Ms. Alice Shull
Ms. Pipier Smith-Mumford
Mr. Paul Stanish
Ms. Ellen Stockdale
Ms. Joan Vodoklys
Mr. William Waight II