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Legislation Tracking Page

New Legislative Proposals

The 189th General court is in Formal Session.

H.464-An Act relative to improving student achievement

H.3804-An Act relative to improve & expand educational opportunity

Legislation Reported Favorably Out of Committee by the Joint Committee on Education
  • S.251-An Act Relative to Dropout Prevention and Recovery 
  • H.457 - An Act relative to education collaboratives
  • S.290 - An Act relative to the powers and duties of a regional school district, with the following bills attached: H.359 & H.511
  • S.289 - An Act relative to regional bonus aid, with the following bill attached: H.358
  • H.455 - An Act establishing a commission to study vocational-technical schools, with the following bill attached: H.499
  • S.318 - An Act to promote quality physical education, with the following bills attached: H.367 & S.299
  • H.411 - An Act relative to non-public school student access to the MCAS exam
  • H.453 - An Act relating to high school graduation requirements for students with learning disabilities
  • H.478 - An Act expanding inclusive transition programs for students with severe learning disabilities, with the following bill attached: S.310
  • S.250 - An Act to assist parental choice concerning special education placements, with the following bill attached: H.458
MIAA Legislative Information/Proposed Bills
  • S.1157 - An Act to Prevent Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  • H.404 - An Act concerning athletic activities of students with disabilities
  • H.438 - An Act relative to the disclosure of information of public school athletic resources and interscholastic athletic authorized representatives
  • H.381 - An Act establishing an interscholastic athletic competition working group
  • H.3252 - An Act relative to criminal record checks for referees
  • H.2038 - An Act relative to youth concussions
  • H.1881 - An Act relative to concussion prevention
  • S.1203, H.1938, and H1924 - All Acts relative to baseline concussion testing and concussion safety protocols
  • H.1974 - An Act clarifying participation in athletic safety programs
  • S.1129 - An Act relative to the creation of a sports injury commission
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Upcoming Hearings on Key Legislation
Date Time Room Topics
Wednesday, September 9 10:00AM Room A2 Personnel and Libraries
Wednesday, September 16 10:00AM Room B1 Early Education & Care, Extra Curricular, and Learning time
Thursday, September 24 10:00AM Room B1 Curriculum
Tuesday, October 6 10:00AM Room A2 Accountability/Compliance & Miscellaneous
Tuesday, October 13 10:00AM Gardner Charter Schools
Full list of bills being heard at each session
Legislation Signed into Law

Chapter 449 of the Acts of 2014-An Act of establishing 6-year careet plans for all Massachusetts Public School students

Federal Bills to Watch

School Principal Recruitment and Training Act
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